Sunday, August 9, 2009

creativity spike

It's late here and I'm baking a cake for my uncle's 50th birthday. I can't sleep due to the number of incredibly awesome ideas I have running through my mind for wedding ceremonies and receptions.
Although I am happily married (I love you Brannen - as he lays snoring on the couch!) I could get married 100+ different ways.
I don't think that I'm conventional or traditional but an excellent blend of each. I like to take more traditional elements and intersperse some more creative "highlights" that get noticed. Having worked with every type of budget ($2000 - $30K) I definitely find ways to incorporate elements that keep your guests talking about your day long after it's over.
I don't like to do the 'same wedding' over and over but if that's really what you want then of course I'll be happy to comply. With my clients I really try to find out what is unique about them and what they like.

Sooo...enough rambling. Currently I have been investigating outdoor ceremonies and the like. I came across this photo from 'Green Orchid Events' blog.

Living in New Brunswick I'm not sure if anyone has ever done this set-up here but with all our beautiful senic locations this is sure to be a great layout for everyone. All the guests get a great spot to view the ceremony. Those taking photos will have numerous angles to choose from! One guest may be looking at you as you say 'I will' and able to capture the shot as at the same time someone else has captured his expression of hearing you say those 2 little words.
The options are actually endless of ways that you could tweak this to fit your individual style and location.
The key here is that everything must be thought of and planned right down to the recessional and which direction you will walk out from....

Hope this was helpful to some.