Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter - Holy Entertainment

Easter is a great time of year. The holiness of this time is beautiful but now with the modernization of everything, Easter is know for a great church service and then tons of food with family. Now this being an entertainment blog of sorts with a tendency to focus on wedding related twists here are some photos on how you could set up your Easter table this year.

This is the overview of the Easter table setting - breakfast in this case. Check out the FAB brightly coloured, felt place-mats in great EGG SHAPE!! Awesome find from Michael's but could be easily be made.

I love eggs!
and wanted to showcase my fabulous idea for a centerpiece which is really easy to do.

- Keep the egg shells that you crack for baking or frying and rinse them out really well.
- Use the clean shells as a mini vase
- Select small flowers (mums or mini carnations) that can be cut really short and combined together for a dramatic impact.
- Place them in a covered dish meant to hold eggs
- a bunny shaped cookie cutter pulls the whole thing together
- double duty as a centerpiece and as an extra hard boil egg holder
- Be colourful and playful - you can't go wrong with this one - if you have kids or just like to paint eggs throw some of those in as well.

The next great little thing I wanted to show you were these new egg plates. They actually come with a silicone cover that goes over the egg - allowing you to crack the shell of a hard boiled egg with out burning your fingers. Is it practical - maybe not so much. BUT makes a very cute presentation!

I used plain white egg cups to hold brownies for dessert but you could also use them to hold chocolate wrapped eggs.

Cheers! Have fun & be inspired.