Monday, November 23, 2009

Toronto Designs

So, I'm in Toronto and I've finally finished my class on Floral design and wedding decor that i was super excited to do. I got to meet some pretty amazing people yesterday including the instructors:
Shelley DeSilva from Wedding Wows Toronto
Sherisse Bhimani from The Wedding Deocrators
(photos to come - I need to download them and apparently I didn't pack my camera chord.)

I was amazed by the number of people that flew in to take this course! There were 2 from Newfoundland, myself from New Brunswick, Texas, Georgia, Maryland. There was even one who came from the UK! It was a very good experience and I'm sure to be making posts now on all the arrangements I'll be 'practicing' with.

Stay tuned for photos of my holiday arrangements.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Winter Weddings - Inspiration of light

I'm heading to Toronto in a few days for a class on Floral Design and Decor - super excited!
Why do I mention this do you ask? Lately I've been experimenting, practicing, etc. with my own floral designs. A bit unconventional but nice and elegant if I do say so myself.
First, I should give you some background: I was given this particular votive holder a long time back (4 years?) and have never used it. It still contains the original votive that was given to me then. It's not that I didn't like it, it just didn't really go with my decor at the time. Okay I didn't really like it but yet still couldn't part with it, somehow knowing that it would be of use and fulfill its destiny someday.
This happened 2 weeks ago! We were sitting here and the power went out. Now this has of course happened before in the 4 year period that I have owned this candle holder but for some reason I dug it out that night and lit it. BEAUTIFUL! It looked like snow falling in a almost night sky. The holder is teal with these white flecks in it and with the light flickering it made it appear as though snow was falling in this little container. From here I was in love with this little holder and was fully able to appreciate its beauty.
This night I was inspired to design a winter wedding (not Christmas as it is only one month of our long winter here in NB) base around this candle holder and the feeling that I had. I would be using this in the Wedding Show I would be attending.
I wanted to explore the idea of a glowing centerpiece.... but to also include the blue of this holder that was so intriguing. I designed a centerpiece around this idea using a square glass vase and inserting a cylindrical candle holder inside it. I then used floral foam to fill the gaps where I'd be placing flowers but left a space between the foam and the walls of the vase. I chose to use white carnations as my flowers for the centerpiece (many reasons why) which I inserted into the foam around the votive holder, I made sure to cut them short so that they would just be brushing the top of the vase. I then filled in the space I had left using the glass beads that we all know (never really liked them before but for this purpose they were the right thing). I of course chose ones in a teal colour. Once the candle was lit inside the arrangement it looked like it was glowing under the snow (the carnations), the glass rocks sparkled as the light bounced around and the overall effect was what I was trying to achieve.

Now the pictures don't do it justice but then again I'm not a photographer....

So in the above photo you can also see the tiny bouquet I made, again using white carnations , feathers (soft like snowflakes) and crystals. Received may compliments on the pairings - most were "...who knew carnations could look so beautiful!" I did!

I also thought about other lighting that would be needed at this imagined wedding. For this I was inspired to use wooden twigs which were lightly coated with white spray paint. I inserted them into these very tall white vases I have and hung hand-made luminaries from the branches. These luminaries were easy to make and I used pale coloured paper and I punched out a snowflake on 2 sides of each. They were lit using 'battery' tea lights - no fires!
Although I only had one of these at my booth I imagined them strategically placed in the room. Creating lighting and adding to the overall mood.

Again, not a photographer....

Here's a grouping shot of my booth as it was at the Wedding show on Sunday:
and yes, I am sandwiched between the storage room and the exit which can't be blocked. I'd also like to give credit to my "CSJ" signage in front - thanks sis!

DIY - The centerpiece cost was $5, the bouquet was $10 and the luminaries were $3.