Monday, July 20, 2009

How important is the dress? - UPDATE

Well, i just wanted to let you all know that i was looking at some wedding photos of friends the other day and actually did a double take!
I was looking at a photo of my wedding dress and it wasn't me wearing it!
I actually, no word of a lie, had to go check the closet to see if it was still in there. It of course was. So this dress i was looking at wasn't 'exactly' the same dress but honestly you could have fooled me and obviously did.
This makes me pose the question once again as to how important is the dress?
This bride was across Canada - almost to the complete opposite side, which make me wonder - could I have sold my beautiful (now just collecting dust and taking up that much need closet space) dress to this bride? Would she have bought a previously used dress even if was only wore once? I don't know if she would have but I do know that I would have sold it.

Just think you could buy or sell a beautiful gown and then get a photo of that bride so instead of the "travelling pants" it could be the dress that goes on to give each bride a different memory.
Maybe that's cheesy but a thought nonetheless.......

Thursday, July 16, 2009

How important is the dress?

So...girls, how important is finding that perfect dress?
Will you break the bank for it? Will you buy used or does it need to be new?

These are all great questions and the answers all come down to you - the bride - and your personality.
Now for the guys, this is the dreaded subject. They generally want you to be happy and to be 'in love' with your gown, as it probably reflects the love you have for him (they like to think - as the diamond is his love for you right?!); however, they often get concerned when you say its X$. Afterall they are going to look quite daper in their tux or suit and it probably only cost a fraction of yours. How do you balance or justify this cost? Are you a budget keeper or 'this is the one - I've got to have it' type of girl.

Either way, most of us have (had) a picture of our ideal dress that we are looking for, basic shape and colour, length of train, details, etc. When looking or hunting for your dress you should keep in mind that it can play double duty. Use it as one of the focal points for the wedding, where all details, starting with the decor, can reflect or compliment it. If you are planning on having an elaborate dress with all the bells and whistles, can you get away with using less than perfect linens at the reception? Probably not, ...unless you plan to sit on the table as the centrepiece.

So, again, how important is the dress when it comes to the bottom line of your wedding budget?

My advice is to look around, take your time. When you find the dress - yes 'the dress' - can you get everything there? Bridal salons are more apt to give you a better price if you get the maids dress there as well - but don't stop there, can you get the tuxes, veil, guest book, etc too? There is something to be said for one stop shopping, I'm thinking Walmart or Superstore now that I have a small one in tow - out of the car, get the stuff, in the car and home. Now I certainly don't always advise this but sometimes it's the right way to go.

Another way is to make note of the dress brand and style. Contact other salons to see if they have this dress - not all markups are the same. How much is gas and how far would you drive to get it? Can you get it online? Have you tried posting your dream dress on services like Kijiji or Craig's List asking about it. I know every bride is different but chances are that someone out there has a dress very similar to the one you are looking for and it could be yours at a lesser price point. You definitely need to be careful with this option as you want to make sure that you are still getting a great deal and the dress isn't ruined. Ask questions and see it in person.

Some used dresses can be altered famously! Such a case was here last fall when the local seconds store paired with the fashion college and put on a exquisite show of re-newed gowns.

Budget or no budget, rest assured that the dress of your day is out there. You just need to recognize it!

Cheers and happy planning!