Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stagette Party Signature Drinks

With the upcoming wedding season I'm often asked about the parties that surround the main event - The Stagette!
I like the signature drink idea and came across a most fabulous one in my opinion.
The Banana's Foster Cocktail which was submitted to the Food Network by Sandra Lee.
I think the photo itself describes exactly why I think it would be a perfect signature drink - lol!

To get the recipe for this creamy drink (which of course I had to make and sample - a bit on the sweet side but still Yummy!) just click on the drink name above.

I simply love signature party drinks. Every time we head over to a particular girlfriend's place we know we will be served Sangria. It's different every time but very good! She may be a mixologist at heart! A signature drink at any type of party is always great; it cuts down on the bar cost of having to have everything from gin to dark rum and various liqueurs. This way you can just have the ingredients for the one beverage and a few non-alcoholic choices as well. (I like saving money.)

Signature drinks don't even need to be something completely new and complex. Taking a favorite, say a mojito, is a classic drink that most will enjoy and simple to make. You can even play with colours of other drinks by simply adding food colouring to make your mark.

Options are truly endless! Have fun and mix it up!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Over theTop Proposals

Well, it's February and LOVE is in the air with Valentine's Day approaching - only one day away! (OMG! I can't believe how the time has gone already this year!)

My thoughts have turned to love, engagements, proposals and with proposals, as an event planner, I tend to think about the opportunities available for 'over-the-top' proposals. There are many great restaurants which can set the stage for an amazing proposal but this has now become the norm.

A great marriage proposal includes 3 elements:
1. The setting
With the setting - it should be so that the question is not anticipated. Think outside of locations that are give-aways like the spot where you first kissed, etc. Instead think locations that are fun - eluding to the life you will have ahead of you. Think about dates and timing, on average, most proposals are in the evening on a special date. Create your own date - seriously thing out side the box. (This is something as an event planner I can help you with.)
2. The question
The question should be more than just 'will you marry me'. Romantic speeches are common based on love and commitment; however you can play it up many ways using word plays, poems, and even comic relief. A reference to future anniversaries or aspects of marriages could be used.
3. The ring
Once the ring is unveiled - it is the center of attention. An unconventional ring will bring more attention but a simple ring can bring in the nods by simply playing with how it is presented. Play with how you give it - just remember if you include it in a drink or food - be careful that she doesn't swallow it!

Often I'm approached with questions as to how to make a proposal more than spectacular. The answer really does depend on the couple and the soon to be bride's personality. Not all couples or women will appreciate a public proposal as they would prefer to have it in a quieter setting, a more intimate affair. That said, if you are thinking about a more extreme event then you probably have already considered the opposing factors. One being - will she say yes? With more extreme measures normally a crowd is involved and then there is also pressure as to feeling the need to answer right away.

This year I came across a wonderful company in PEI.....

The BeeKeeper aka 'Chase Crews' is who you should look up - www.aboveandbeeyond.com . For $225 they will take you and your honey up in their hot air balloon for a ride overlooking PEI. I bet there won't be many people who have done that! (Drop me a line to tell me about it if you have.)

If that doesn't get your juices flying, there is a high school in the US that gives creative asking a whole new look and that's just for the prom! The point being if high-schoolers can come up with outlandish ways to ask a date to the prom certainly you can spend a bit of time thinking of how to ask the woman of your life to marry you.