Sunday, September 6, 2009


So, I've been lucky as of late (knock on wood) with the positive publicity that I've gotten this year.
It started in February with the wedding gala that I hosted here in Fredericton. I was then lucky enough to be asked for my opinion on the economy and weather it has effected myself personally. I was then asked to be on a couple different radio stations (Fred FM 92.3 and News 91.9) however, I think the best pat of this so far was that I was interviewed for the 'live it' section of The Daily Gleaner on summer parties....oh I had fun with that one. I think though I was most happy to see that the picture they chose to run with was of my little angel - Tristan.
He started a new daycare the Tuesday after the story ran and the place actually commented on the article since his picture was in it :) I like to joke now that 'I'm mildly famous....' but on the serious side....Mark Taylor at Delora Media has been very helpful. You can check out his company at:
6 'publicity' options taken in 6 months - let's keep the ball rolling!