Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fruit - I LOVE IT!

The emerging trend that I am seeing all over the place and now hearing more about is sugared fruit. I think this is excellent. I get really excited when brides tell me they want to incorporate fruit into their weddings. So colourful, pretty, easily done in unique ways and oh so affordable!

Is is not uncommon to use fruit as decorative items at ones wedding or event:
- place settings
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- escort cards

- included in centerpieces

...but now what I'm seeing is the next progression of this and using the fruit as the main decorative item in the centerpieces, fruit is no longer content to be an accent piece but wants to pull the show and with bright colours who can blame them! :)

The best part is that now you can sugar them to add the little bit of extra WOW. Who wouldn't want to have a little bit of sugar - mmmmm!

How to sugar fruit

What you will need: any kind of fruit, long floral pick or any pointy sticky object, egg whites, fine sugar, brush (paint or basting), wax paper
1. Spear the fruit. If using floral picks they have wire on one end which you can use to secure the speared fruit to another object (grape vine, oasis foam, etc)
2. Brush the fruit with a thin layer of egg white (paint brush or basting brush works well)
3. Lightly sprinkle the sugar over the fruit using your fingers (don't roll the fruit in the sugar - big mess!) The first bit of sugar will dissolve into the egg whites but keep sprinkling until it starts to look white. Extra sugar in a few spots will give it a pretty frosty like look.
4. Let dry about 30min (laying on wax paper)
Photo Credit Robyn Lehr

For those of you wishing to use fruit at your next event, I hope you found this inspirational. Let your imagination run with this one because you can't go wrong!


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