Monday, March 1, 2010

Oscar Buzz

How do you plan on celebrating this weekend?
What am I talking about - the Academy Awards of course!

The red carpet walk and interviews are my favorite. The dresses and the hair, remember Cojo? I loved him and I don't get to see him as often as I would like. I always look forward to his picks of the best & worst dressed. Do these people not have stylists? Seriously!? I question the loyalty of them if they do - friends, well, some friends and hey, I don't need to be your friend but I'll tell you if what you are wearing should be tossed out in the compost. I could always be hired to dress you celebs (if you're reading) - I'm quite reasonable.

Here's Cojo's picks for the Golden Globes just to remember how good he is!

Can you figure out his best & worst from the above without looking? Hint: One is just added in but is not his pick and there are more 'best' than 'worst'.

So, the question was how do you plan on celebrating this weekend? Will you sit back and enjoy a relaxing glass of wine or bubbly while you watch the celebs do their thing and walk down the red carpet? Will you be more involved? more involved....

I like the sound of that!

Pull out your best dishes. Dust off you finest glassware. Invite your best friends over and put on your best star-studded threads - shine like the celeb-party hostess you are!

The Academy Awards website makes being at the "Oscars" all too easy. Click and print. Simple. They provide you with pdf versions of everything you need to be involved. Ballots, games and even more important recipes!
Cheryl Cecchetto the planner for the best after party gives you tips to have a successful party at home - star style!

Have your guests fill out the ballots for the nomination categories and then collect them. Do your votes compare to all of America?

Have fun and relax - that's what all the star's are doing!


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